About Kn95 Face Masks

Kn95 face masks generally refer to sanitary appliances worn on the mouth and nose to filter the air entering the mouth and nose to block harmful gases, odors, and droplets from entering and exiting the mouth and nose of the contactor. The air is filtered and purified by the filter of the mask before being inhaled to achieve a filtering effect. Proper placement of masks can significantly reduce the risk of respiratory infections and effectively block the intrusion of the new coronary pneumonia virus.

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CDC Authenticate

Our products hold CDC professional certification.

FDA Authenticate

Our KN95 mask hold FDA professional certification.

Medical device production license

Our masks have a medical device production license.

Quality management system certification

Our KN95 masks hold quality management system certification.

The production process of kn95 masks

Top reviews from the United States

These masks proved to be better than I expected. The masks fit snug to the face and the nose piece bends well. Very comfortable to wear and it doesn't rub. I was very happy with them so decided to order some more. I would recommend this item to anyone.

Yamily D

They do exactly what they need to do and comfortable enough. This makes them easy to put on and off. They are pleated which makes them easy to fit any face. Great quality and fast delivery. Would definitely buy again.

Marlin Glover

This mask comes in a resealable package. You know my head is bigger than average. The mask fits tightly but comfortably. When I breathe, the mask grips my face so it moves back and forth within reason proving that it has a good seal against my skin. I wore it while walking through a busy parking lot with many pedestrians to get to a busy supermarket and the mask did not become unwearable or uncomfortable.

2TALK42 Ministries

KN 95 MASKS closely designed like the limited N95 Gives me security for use in shopping, social distancing. Same weight and design as used in Aircraft as top PPE for their employees personally known to me! 5⭐️


The way this is curved at the nose to chin, it doesn't allow air to go through and fog glasses which is great. Comfortable and easy to use.

J. A.

Inspection Report & Authenticate

Authorized Impored, Non-NIOSH Approved Resiprators Manufactured in China.

This certifies that: CHENGDE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is registered with the U.S Food and Drug Administration for FY 2020 pursuant to Title 21,807 et se...

The KN95 masks comply with standard GB 2626-2019(KN95 grade), The performance is tested on your sections: the Filtering efficiency, is over >95%.