About us

Our brand committed to providing the best health products to customers around the world. Our products are favored by consumers because our products are of good quality and courteous service. With the outbreak of the epidemic so far, we have successfully provided customers with corresponding anti-epidemic products through product selection and testing. Our products include disposable masks, kn95 masks, blood pressure measuring instruments and non-contact thermometers, etc. The products bring convenience to customers and care for their health!

In product manufacturing factory has a large standard clean workshop cosmetics, air shower systems to ensure clean and dust-free production environment. the personnel pass in and out the workshop must change clothes, wash the hands , disinfection, wear mask, and the wind drench the room to vacuum and so on steps. Our commitment: the stability of product quality, good business reputation and perfect after-sales service.

In the future, Hotodeal will always pay attention to the health of customers. Our existence is to ensure the safety and health of you and your family, and to support public health. We shoulder dual missions, and these missions will make our brand more firm and conviction to go on, so that the world has a powerful force to maintain health and hygiene!

Brand Story:
In 2020, the new crown virus broke out on a large scale around the world, and health problems in various places are gradually erupting. Everyone began to carry out relevant epidemic prevention actions to protect their own health and safety. The World Health Organization has also provided a series of protective measures in accordance with the epidemic, and issued a notice stating that wearing masks has a certain effect on preventing the virus.
Faced with the aggravation of the global epidemic, the founder of hotodeal.com believes that some actions need to be started.In order to contribute to the global epidemic prevention, hotodeal began to screen qualified epidemic prevention products to provide customers with good epidemic prevention products. After repeated assessments, we finally selected several masks and some medical equipment.
Filtration efficiency (BFE) of the kn95 mask is more than 95%. Our masks are skin-friendly and comfortable, providing safety protection while also providing individual choices (with a variety of color options). The boxed kn95 also has a single independent packaging, which is more convenient and hygienic. At the same time, because infection with the new coronavirus will be accompanied by changes in body temperature, traditional body temperature measuring devices are likely to increase the risk of cross-infection. For this reason, we have introduced a non-contact body temperature measuring device, which is compact and convenient, and has a fast temperature measurement speed, which has attracted a lot of consumption. Favored by the audience. And it can not only measure the temperature of the human body, but also the temperature of other objects.
Faced with the mutation of the virus, we firmly believe that human beings can defeat the terrible virus, and hotodeal will also contribute to this, providing customers with a variety of protective equipment options. Under the impact of the epidemic, hotodeal launched a product discussion to solve health problems at home. In the future, hotodeal will pay more attention to the health of customers.