Teeth Whitening Strips- Hotodeal Teeth Whitener for Remove Coffee Tea Smoking Stains and Other Stains

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Minty Freshness:Our mint-flavored whitening strips gently eliminate everyday stains from coffee,tea,wine,juices,and even smoking, leaving your mouth with a delightful menthol sensation.

Rapid Teeth Whitening:Our advanced-generation teeth strips swiftly whiten teeth with their exclusive oxygen activation technology and innovative whitening formula.The recommended duration for each treatment is only 30 minutes but can be left on for up to 60 minutes if desired.

Professional Design:Our latest-generation teeth whitening strips are designed with precision based on professional oral care engineering. They conform better to your teeth,making the whitening process more convenient and effective.

Safety Notes:1.Pregnant women & children under 12 years old shall not use this product2.Do not use if you have gum disease or dental ulcer3.The sensitive teeth users shall use the product with due care 4.The product shall not be used after orthodontics or dental surgeries

Use Conveniently:Our whitening strips can be used,whether at home or on the go.

尺寸: 14count