Benefits of Kids Wearing Masks in School

Benefits of Kids Wearing Masks in School

Kids wearing masks at school and the benefits, an expert weighs in

Although the new coronavirus vaccine has been put into use, masks will continue to be part of daily public life. Due to the mutation of the delta virus, the number of cases has surged again. Although people over 12 can be vaccinated, young children are not yet vaccinated. Experts still recommend that everyone, including children aged 2 years and older, wear a mask when going out.
How important is it to wear a mask in school? What are the benefits? To understand how to wear a mask, we learned from Samantha Lowe, a pediatrician at the Medical Association of Armonk White Plains Hospital in New York. Some of his opinions were collected there. Let us understand the importance of wearing a mask.


Are there negative effects of a child wearing a face mask? 

So far, many people are still worried about whether wearing masks will have any negative effects on children. Now many scientists have conducted a lot of research. These studies clearly show that wearing masks has no negative impact on children's health.


At what age should children begin to wear masks?

It is recommended that children over 2 years old wear a mask. Another important part, especially in the pediatric age group, is to make sure that children wearing masks should be able to take off the masks themselves when needed. For example, if your child has a neurodevelopmental disorder or a movement disorder, they will not be able to remove the mask if necessary, and we do not recommend that they wear a mask.


How important is mask wearing for our students?

Due to the spreading and highly contagious nature of the Delta variant, many authoritative experts recommend that all students (2 years old and above), faculty, staff, and teachers, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or not, should generally wear masks indoors. The most effective protection against all COVID strains (including Delta variants) is vaccination. However, more than 50% of children returning to school are not vaccinated against COVID-19. There are three reasons for this. First, children under 12 years of age are not eligible for the vaccine at this time. Secondly, some students are eligible for vaccination but choose not to be vaccinated. Third, there are other students who meet the age standard for vaccination but are not eligible for vaccination due to other health problems. Therefore, all students and anyone in contact with these students must wear masks correctly.

2 benefits of children wearing a mask

1. Reduce the chance of respiratory infections

Coronavirus infection is mainly spread by inhaling droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, sings, speaks or breathes. Most of these droplets are smaller than 10 microns (μm) and are commonly referred to as aerosols. If you wear a mask correctly, you can effectively filter 70% to 95% of the fine particles in the air, such as droplets, splashes, droplets or splashes.In addition to other public health measures such as vaccinations, maintaining social distancing, and improving indoor ventilation, wearing a mask is still a good idea because it can reduce children’s illness by preventing inhalation of respiratory droplets,reduce the chance of respiratory infections. , Such as droplets, splashes, droplets or splashes. Cloth masks can also provide some protection for the wearer, but the degree of protection depends on the fabric used, the number of fabric layers, and the size of the mask.Therefore, choosing a good mask is very important. In addition to other public health measures such as vaccinations, maintaining social distancing, and improving indoor ventilation, wearing a mask is still a good idea. I hope this will help more children stay in school, so there are still many benefits for children wearing masks.

2. Protect the unvaccinated

Not everyone is suitable for the COVID-19 vaccine. According to the WHO, the COVID-19 vaccine is safe for most people 18 years of age and older, including those with pre-existing diseases, such as autoimmune diseases. It is worth noting that although most children infected with COVID-19 have milder symptoms than adults, they may still have serious complications and serious illnesses. As there is currently no FDA-approved or FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccine for children under 12 years old, it is important that parents and guardians of children under 12 years old should consider allowing their children to wear masks in school.


What masks are best for kids?

When choosing a mask, pay attention to whether it is suitable; if you don't wear a mask properly, it will not bring good effects. There should be no gaps around the nose and on both sides. Although many masks can prevent the release of large droplets in an infected person, a tighter fit will improve the filtration of smaller aerosol particles.

Of the available mask varieties, KN95 or P2 types have the best filtration efficiency, capturing more than 95% of particles. On the other hand, experts believe that KN95 masks are also suitable for children. The use of interesting prints and colors on the mask can help children feel more comfortable when wearing the mask.


Best tie-dye kn95 masks for kids.

Hotodeal makes a tie-dye KN95 mask specifically designed for children.  These masks not only provide great filtering, but they are a great backup option if your child's fabric mask gets dirty or lost.   5 layer KN95 consists of 2 layers of non-woven fabric, 2 layers of melt-blown cloth and 1 layer of hot air cotton, and the inner layer is soft and close to the skin.  They also feature flexible nose bands and soft earrings for kids ages 5 to 15.





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