Electric Lumbar Traction Device with Dynamic Airbag- Lower Back Massager Thermal Therapy for Pain Relief

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✔️Relieve Lumbar Spine: When a person lies flat on the lumbar traction device, the device dynamically expands and contracts through the air bag, and the lumbar spine falls together rhythmically, relieving waist pain and relaxing. Multi-frequency vibration lumbar massage uses vibrations of different frequencies to activate muscles and release waist pressure.

✔️Warm-Sensing Hot Compress: Electric back stretcher with adjustable temperature in three heat modes. Wrap the waist and back, warm the depths of the muscles, and release fatigue in the warmth.

✔️Swing Massage: The electric lumbar traction device optimizes the ergonomic design, S-curve support, and accurately fits the waist and back. The lumbar traction increases the left and right traction force, swings left and right, and enhances the vitality of the muscles on both sides.

✔️Use in Multiple Scenarios: The lumbar massager comes with an auxiliary board, which can be used according to different scenarios. You can use the auxiliary board to increase the height in soft scenes. You can stretch your waist, use hot compresses and vibration massage to soothe your lumbar muscles while lying on the bed or sofa.

✔️Portable Massage: The back traction device is light and can be taken for travel. It is equipped with a smart remote control. With it supporting your back, you can feel the massage with your eyes closed.

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