Memory Foam CPAP Pillow-Hotodeal Cervical CPAP Pillow for Neck Support Relief Neck Pain

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Tailored for CPAP Comfort: Specifically designed for CPAP users, this CPAP pillow features a unique shape with indents on the sides of the pillow. These indents help organize CPAP tubing, alleviate mask pressure on the face, and reduce air leaks, ultimately enhancing sleep quality for all CPAP mask users.

Premium Comfort Experience: Immerse yourself in the luxury of our memory foam pillow, meticulously crafted from high-quality rebound memory foam. Moderate softness and hardness,feel the ultimate comfort and relaxation for your head, neck, shoulders, and back muscles whether you're lying on your back or side.

Perfect Profile for Better Sleep: The neck support pillow measures 24.8''x14.9''x3.9'', mirroring the standard size of traditional pillows which is an ideal choice for back and side sleepers. With its mature molding design, it flawlessly aligns your head, neck, and shoulders, effectively correcting your sleeping posture for a better night's sleep.

Refreshingly Breathable Pillow Cover: Our cervical neck pillow is accompanied by a soft, removable pillowcase featuring an invisible zipper for easy care. The breathable surface promotes air circulation, ensuring the side sleeping pillow stays cool throughout your slumber. Experience the luxury of a comfortable and rejuvenating sleep.

Memory Foam Care Tips: Kindly be aware that memory foam may retain a slight smell after high-temperature and airtight transportation. To ensure optimal use, we suggest allowing the CPAP pillow to air out for 24h before use. The breathable pillowcase is easily removable for machine washing. Please note: Avoid washing the memory foam pillow core.