Red Light Therapy Device with 9 LED-Hotodeal Blue Red&Near Infrared Light Therapy for Body Pain Relief

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【3 Wavelength Combinations】:A combination of different Wavelength can meet different physical therapy needs.460nm blue light can be used for skin surface treatment,reduces rough texture,and makes pores more delicate.630nm red light can penetrate the skin epidermis,promotes the production of collagen, enhances skin elasticity,fights wrinkles.850nm infrared light (invisible light) can improve blood circulation and relieve pain.

【9 LED High Power Red Light Therapy Device】:Handheld red light therapy device using targeted red light to alleviate back,shoulder & knee discomfort and reduce inflammation.Accelerates physical recovery,relieves sports injuries, more effective for chronic pain relief.

【Three Light Modes】:The first mode is all lights will stay on in steady-on mode; the second mode is 460mn lights up and pulse;the third mode is 630nm and 850nm lights up and pulse.Light therapy with pulse mode give the skin a brief buffer for better energy absorption and promoting the body's natural recovery.

【Easy to Operate and Carry】:A simple control button can switch modes at will. With a wrist strap and a canvas bag,red light is lightweight & easy to carry along & use on the go.Before using this infrared light therapy device, please read the instructions carefully and completely and keep it for future reference.

【Package Included】:1*LED therapy light,1*rechargeable 18650 batteries,1*charging cable,1*foldable sunglasses,1* user manual,1*wiping cloth,1*canvas bag(can hold the foldable sunglasses and red light therapy device and charging cable).