Electric Head Massager- Hotodeal Electric Scalp Massager Head Compress Air Bag Massager with Heat & Knead

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New Massage Technology: The electric head massager has 5 air bag massage areas, which imitate human fingers for three-dimensional kneading, giving you a relaxing massage and saying goodbye to head fatigue easily.

Multi-level selection: The portable head and eye massager has five hot compress levels to choose from. Different levels of hot compress give you different degrees of warmth on your head and eyes, allowing you to fully relieve and relax from fatigue.

Multiple Enjoyment: This head airbag massager has three modes to choose from. You can switch modes and intensity at will to meet your various needs. Enjoy your favorite all-around pressure head massage experience.

Convenient and Thoughtful: Electric scalp massager adopts Velcro design, which is easy to put on and take off, and is suitable for various head shapes. Features a removable hood that zips off for easy cleaning.

Intelligent Timing: The buttons of the head airbag massager have large-screen digital displays and are easy to operate. The 15-minute scheduled shutdown allows you to enjoy the service at any time without worrying about safety issues.