Facial Cleansing Brush- Hotodeal Silicone Magnetic Rechargeable Face Brush

Sale price$54.99

💗Versatility: This facial cleansing brush can wash face, apply heat or ice. Enjoy 3 functions for the price of one. Saving money can also make your skin more vibrant.

💙High-Frequency Vibration: The face scrubber has a high-speed rotating motor with a fine-bristled brush to deeply clean facial dirt. Say goodbye to dead skin cells and take care of your facial skin.

💚Double Enjoyment: The red light of the Hodeal electric face brush combined with hot compress can quickly expand pores, making deep cleaning more convenient. Switch to blue light ice compress mode to massage and soothe your skin.

💛Magnetic Charging Design: This smart face brushes is design with a magnetic charging interface and can be washed at will. It is safer and more convenient than the old model. Note: Do not soak in water for a long time.

💜Convenient and Fashionable: Our face wash brush is easy to carry, silicone material plus stylish design, suitable for home use and travel.

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