Cervical Neck Traction Device- Hotodeal Adjustable Inflatable Neck Brace Neck Stretcher

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The Hotodeal Adjustable Inflatable Neck Brace Neck Stretcher is designed to provide neck and shoulder pain relief. 

  • Carefully crafted based on the advice of experienced physiotherapists, the surface material is made of very soft and breathable flannel fabric for your comfort and gentleness.
  • Consisting of three inflatable cells, this cervical traction device provides you with customizable support, effortlessly adjusting pressure to target specific areas, providing you with a treatment experience that is precisely tailored to your body's needs.
  • Adopts triple anti-leakage design, even if you frequently use this neck stretcher for cervical traction, there will be no air leakage.
  • Portable neck traction can be easily deflated, very easy to use and carry. Put it in your bag or luggage without taking up much space.
  • You can stretch your neck anytime and anywhere,help relieve neck pain, stiffness and muscle tension at any time, relieve fatigue and stress from long hours of work.
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