Hotodeal Smart Car Air Fresheners—4 Modes,Car and Home Diffuser White

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Microwave induction: After the car is started,when the device is turned on, the device will automatically sense the spray state of the corresponding gear and light up the atmosphere effect light at the same time, when the car is turned off the device will automatically sense the spray stop function and turn off theatmosphere effect light, no When it is detected that the car is working, the atmosphere effect light will briefly sleep.

Our car air fresheners is quieter than most other car air fresheners for women on the market. The fragrance can fill the entire car interior with fragrance in just one second, ensuring you enjoy a fresh and pleasant aroma during your drive. Essential oils are not included.

Four Modes: The volume of spray in different modes will be different, the fragrance of more volume will be stronger, and the fragrance of less volume will be weaker. You can choose the mode according to your preference.

Please consult the instructions carefully before use, and use and maintain the product according to the prompts. Our car air freshener is suitable for use in cars, homes, yoga studios, outdoor camping, and parties. Create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Our car scents air freshener features an upgraded anti-leakage base design that prevents spills and leaks during use. When the bottle contains essential oils, the car oil diffuser cannot be placed upside down or slanted, it must be placed vertically.