Hotodeal Electric Cordless Heating Pad— Portable Menstrual Heating Pad, Back or Belly Heating Pad for Women and Girl

Sale price$31.99

The electric portable cordless heating pad has 3 heat levels and 3 massage modes, adjustable elastic belt with connect buckle. You can choose the mode according to your needs.

Please consult the instructions carefully before using this product, and use and maintain it strictly according to the instructions.

The back of our heating pad adopts a very soft and comfortable contact surface, which can dissipate heat evenly. It is suitable for more part of your body such as belly, back, neck.

Whether you are resting, reading, driving, or working, it will not have too much influence to you. The menstrual heating pad is a good gift for friends, loved ones and yourself.

Under working condition, it will automatically shut down after half an hour.