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Portable Shoe Deodorizer & Sterilizer was designed with advanced technologies to revitalize your shoes in just an hour. With electronic accuracy, it kills 99,97% of bacteria with just 1 press of a button, from the kind that leaves a nasty odor to the kind that causes athlete’s foot.

  • Ozone sterilization oxidizes and destroys the structures of pathogens, killing and preventing foot fungus and other infections.
  • Ionic deodorization produces eliminates every germ that causes shoe and foot odor.

Gotek Portable Shoe Deodorizer & Sterilizer, it is easily operated with just one press of a button: 1 second activate Normal Mode, 5 seconds activate Strong Mode.

What makes Gotek Smart Shoe Deodorizer so different?

We keep the process under control in our PEVA material sterilization bag. Using the hermetically sealed bag we ensure that certain density of negative ions and ozone generated by Gotek Smart Shoe Deodorizer will always stay on a certain level during the process. Ozone is an unstable, short-lived molecule, it is destroyed by other molecules of odors inside the sterilization bag, thus no ozone from Gotek Smart Shoe Deodorizer would ever reach you or influence environment.

Gotek Smart Shoe Deodorizer designed the way that ozone and negative ion molecules can reach into every part of the shoe and keep it fresh up to 16 hours of active use. It does not overheat or overdry your shoes so it doesn't influence the shoe material in any way.

Discreetly Compact, Incredibly Effective

The emphasis of Gotek Smart Shoe Deodorizer design was to afford the user with total discretion. The device employs a modular aluminum design that resembles a speaker, allowing the user to place the two detachable pods into their shoes and store in a locker, closet or bag, free from unwanted attention.

It is super compact and lightweight as any smartphone and can be easily carried in your bag without attracting any unwanted attention. Gotek Smart Shoe Deodorizer comes with a PVC hard case for your convenience.

For Every Tool of Your Active Lifestyle

If you are into sports, chances are you put hours of sweat into your equipment. Gotek Smart Shoe Deodorizer keeps these fresh, too! Just like your shoes, it deodorizes and sterilizes boxing gloves, baseball mitts and sports pads of all materials.

The month of use on one full charge

A built-in 1800mAh battery can sterilize of up to 27 pairs of shoes with just one full charge, for a month of convenient, portable use. To keep you informed, the onboard LED blinks red on low power, and the app tells the remaining battery life.


Dimensions: 2.13 × 5.28in (54 × 134mm)
Weight: 205g
Material: Aluminum Alloy Shell
Components: US TI Industrial Bluetooth 4.0 BLE Chipset
                           Japan Murata Capacitor Inductor
                           Japan NDK Crystal Oscillator
Battery: 1800mAh
Charging Time: 2.5 Hours
Charging Port: Micro USB
Input: 5V 1A
Bluetooth Coverage: 33 Feet (10m)
Packaging contents: Smart Shoe Deodorizer x 1, sterilization bag x 1, micro USB charging cable x 1,  PVC hard case x 1, User Manual x 1


Why do I need to sterilize my shoes?

First of all, for your healthier feet: Microorganism & pathogens invading your shoes may cause foot fungus and infection. Second: to prevent mold/mildew growth and protect your shoes.

What kind of shoes can be deodorized?
Gotek Deodorizer and Sterilizer can be used with shoes of any kind and material.

Does it necessary to use sterilization bag?
Yes, using sealed sterilization bag you ensure that certain density of negative ions and ozone generated by the device will stay on a certain level during the process.

Will I smell ozone?
Ozone is an unstable, short-lived molecule, it is destroyed by other molecules of odors inside the sterilization bag, and no ozone from the device would ever reach you or influence environment.

Will it fit in a tall knee-high boots? 

Yes, if boots have a zipper and can be put inside of provided sterilization bag or any other hermetically sealed bag.

Can I use it to deodorize my neoprene kneecaps and weight lifting gloves?
Yes, for sure! It works with any sports accessories which you use for training: gloves, mitts, boxing gloves and helmets, pads, protection gear and so on.

Can it help to get rid of the leather smell?

Our device works to eliminate odor-causing bacteria which breed in your sweat, but it will not influence any other smell which may occur depending on the used material: the smell of leather, glue, resin, etc.

Can I use your device on the plane?

Yes! You can use it even on the plane, and in an hour, blaze the trail for your success or next adventure on the list. With a 1800mAh battery, enjoy for up to 27 pairs of sterilizations on a full charge for a month of use.

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